Build the future with 10,000 Tuvaluan

Nature used to be our friend. But now, regrettably, nature brings us misfortune and trouble.

Although the rising sea levels often attack my home island, I love life on this island. It is my dream to spend my life and die here.

Please stop the wasteful discharge of greenhouse gasses. Please grant my simple dream.

Noataga, fisherman,53 years old

Project outline
In 2007 we started the 10,000 project. The 10,000 project is a program in which project team members have begun visiting all Tuvaluan people, taking photos and conducting private interviews. The result of these meetings will be published in a photo book, shown at exhibition, posted on websites and so on.

This project aims to create a better understanding throughout the world community that the crisis of Global Warming is no longer a projected problem of the future or one that affects a small handful of individuals, but instead it is threat of tremendous immediacy that affects us all.

By reducing green house gasses we can solve not only the crisis in Tuvalu but also protect the future of the planet and all of its life and beauty. The time to act is now. Let's stand together.

The future of Tuvalu is your and our future.
It takes many years and considerable cost to make several tours to each of the 9 Tuvaluan islands for interviewing and taking photograph's all 10,000 Tuvaluan. Any warm assistance both financially and physically to carry over the project are greatly appreciated.

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Special supporter of this project:
Ms. Yuriko Koike (Former Environmental Minister of Japan)
Ms. Junko Edahiro (Environmental Journalist)
Ms. Norika Fujiwara (Actress)
Mr. Ken Noguchi (Alpinist)
Ua (Singer)
Honorary Consulate-General of Tuvalu in Tokyo
SHARP / Patagonia Japan / J-WAVE 81.3 FM
FUJIFILM FinePix S5Pro is used as the main camera.

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