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Since his first visit in Tuvalu 1998, Shuuichi Endou who is Japanese photographer has worked tirelessly to raise awareness to the situation in Tuvalu.

He was impressed by the natural beauty of the islands and the kindness and resourcefulness of the Tuvaluan people. It was at that moment that he saw the intricate connection between the people of Tuvalu and the nature that surrounded them. He was reminded that human beings are just one more animal living on the earth. "I really want to keep such beautiful nature and life forever". This idea remains in his mind as a basis for his activities and choices.

Name : Mr. Shuuichi Endou (Shuichi Endo)
Birthday : 12/APR/1966 Fukushima prefecture
Occupation : Photographer
President of MIBUNRI Design Institute
Qualification : Registered First Class Architect
  • Born 1966 in Fukushima prefecture.
  • 1985 graduated from the department of architecture in the Osaka university of art.
  • 1997 resigned from TAISEI CORPORATION , and assumes the position of president of "MIBUNRI Design Institute".
  • 1998 visited in Tuvalu to start the ".TV" project.
  • 2005 established NGO Tuvalu Overview in TUVALU
  • 2006 established NPO Tuvalu Overview in JAPAN
  • 2007 introduced with the Newsweek Japan as a Japanese whom the world respected.

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