: Ms. Oliologa Iosia, Right : Mr. Shuuichi Endou

Cyclone Pam: Thank you message from Tuvalu Red Cross

Cyclone Pam struck Tuvalu in March this year. Straight after that, Tuvalu Overview began collecting donations for the purpose of disaster recovery, and in particular for support for primary schools. We would like to report that that funds raised were recently handed to the Tuvalu Red Cross.

Including both registered and cash donations, a total amount of $22,900 Australian dollars was transferred into the bank account of the Tuvalu Red Cross.

On the left in the above photo is the Secretary General of the Tuvalu Red Cross, Ms Olioliga Iosua. She explains in the below interview, the only two-storey building on one of the outer islands is the primary school, and there is presently a project underway to maintain that school as an evacuation centre.

In preparation for the next cyclone, there are repair works on roof gutters to catch rain water, maintenance of rain water tanks and bio-toilets for use during water shortages, and preparation of emergency food stores. The below photo is the primary school on Nui Atoll.

Ms Olioliga was very grateful for the donation, and said that the funds collected would be used for the benefit of Tuvaluan people. Thank you to everyone who assisted, and especially those at Yahoo Japan for their assistance. Thanks to your support, Tuvalu Overview’s work of informing the world about the protection of Tuvalu has been able to continue.

* The funds for airfares to Tuvalu to present the funds raised were received from the sponsor of the Tuvalu mangrove planting project, Cosmo Oil Ecocard Fund. Tuvalu Overview does not use any donations received for its expenses.

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